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Video: Hina Khan Behaves Rude With Bigg Boss And They Shows Her Who Is The Boss Of House

Hina Khan must be embarrassed

If you are surrounded by the Bigg Boss house you have to follow their rules. Recently the Bigg Boss 11 contestants intended the nomination strategy in code words as discussing it is against the rules. However Bigg Boss was quick enough to recognize their approach and reprimand all the contestants. Except Hina Khan, everyone is nominated for discussing the nomination process. But in the last episode Hina Khan broke a major rule and even tried to mess with Bigg Boss and they thought her a lesson.

This is 11th season of Bigg Boss and in the all previous seasons Bigg Boss never spoke in English. But for a change yesterday Bigg Boss spoke in English to rebuke Hina Khan. So it all occurred when Hina was chatting with Luv and she spoke in English. It is necessary to speak in Hindi until you are inside the house.

Bigg Boss said in Hindi that housemates are necessitated to talk just in Hindi. To this Hina said “Ya Whatever”. Bigg Boss was quick to reply and said “Whatever Nh Hina. Agar Kaha Jara Hai Hindi Me Baat Kare, To Hindi Me Hi Karee. That is very rude of you”. This was the first time when Bigg Boss spoke something in English and showed Hina who is the boss of house.