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Varun Dhawan In And As Salman Khan In His Biopic, Here’s What The Actor Has To Say

Varun Dhawan In And As Salman Khan In His Biopic, Here's What The Actor Has To Say

Among the young generation stars it is Varun Dhawan who shares a great equation with Salman Khan and his family, courtesy his dad David Dhawan. Varun Dhawan has an immense respect for the senior Actor whom he calls ‘Bhai’. In fact, there are many likenesses between them. So we won’t be surprised if Varun ever plays Salman Khan in his biopic film.

In the upcoming time, we will have a biopic movie on Sanjay Dutt who had a thought-provoking life. Ranbir Kapoor will essay Sanjay Dutt in his biopic. Alike Sanjay Dutt his good friend Salman Khan too has a controversial life. From his court cases to his love life, Salman Khan has always managed to be in news. Even for some good reasons such as assisting others and dominating the box office.

In recent times Salman Khan was sentenced 5 years in jail in the blackbuck poaching case. However, the Actor got bailed but he spent two nights in the central jail of Jodhpur. Varun Dhawan among other celebs was the first one to meet the Actor at Galaxy Apartment in Mumbai. In an interaction with media for the promotion of his upcoming October Varun revealed that he is glad as Bhai is back home.

In an interaction with media, he said “Everyone is relieved. I said this earlier in a tweet that he and his family really value, respect and believe in the judiciary and they will go about it in the best legal way possible. But as someone who has a personal relationship with him, I am very happy that he’s home. I went to meet him yesterday and it’s really good to see him back”.

Varun was also questioned on essaying Salman Khan in his biopic but the Actor snubbed. He said, “No not right now, I think he will star in his own biopic movie”.