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Shahrukh Khan Might Convince Salman Khan To Take A Retirement But Only On One Condition

Salman Khan To Take A Retirement

The Trio Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are ruling over the industry for three decades and yet there is no halt for them. All the three monarchs are wonderful friends but we can’t overlook the massive rivalry amid them at the box office. Aamir Khan releases his movie once in two years while Salman Khan and SRK fare to get at least three movies in a span of two years. However, Shahrukh Khan is struggling for a big hit while Salman and Aamir are busy producing some big numbers at the box office.

Salman’s latest Tiger Zinda Hai touched the 340 Crore mark at the box office and grossed over 550 internationally. This was his 3rd entrant in the colossal 300 Crore Club which is most by an Indian Actor. Salman also holds the record of most films in 100 Crore and 200 Crore Club.

Salman Khan To Take A Retirement

While discussing the same about future of Cinema, SRK in a witty manner said “When the 33rd version of Tiger Zinda Hai will be released, and when he’ll (Salman Khan) earn 2000 Crore, I will beg him let the Tiger be alive and take retirement”.

Shahrukh Khan Might Convince Salman Khan To Take A Retirement

No wonder Shahrukh Khan is biggest Indian Actor who has a Global recognition but he has to extend his charm at the box office. His last big hit was Happy New Year in 2014 since then he is struggling for a mega-blockbuster. On the other hand, Aamir Khan is on another level as he is far ahead of Salman and Shahrukh. He might come once in two years but his movie terminates all the previous box office records and holds the title of ‘Highest Grossing Movie Ever’.