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After Salman Khan, A FIR Has Been Lodged Against His Bodyguard Shera In The Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Zubair Khan Controversy

Shera is the new target in Zubair Khan controversy

The Salman Khan vs Zubair Khan controversies seems not to be end so easily. Since his elimination from Bigg Boss 11, Zubair Khan is badmouthing host Salman Khan. Zubair Khan entered Bigg Boss as one of the common contestants but right from the beginning he was threatening other housemates and making unkind remarks on female contestants. To rebuke him host Salman Khan called him a Dog on National TV and lashed out at him for his offensive behavior inside the house. Later he was eliminated from the show.

After his elimination, Zubair Khan has given several interviews in which he badmouthed Salman Khan and demanded an apology from him as he called him a Dog. Keeping that in mind in last Saturday episode Salman Khan took a hilarious dig on Zubair Khan’s apology demand.

Salman Khan to other contestants said ‘I’m really sorry for calling someone Dog on National TV. I shouldn’t have done this. I’m really sorry to all the dogs in this world. Dogs are most trusted souls so I’m really sorry to all the dogs out there’.

Later, Zubair Khan gave him back saying dogs are his brothers and he apologized to them only. In an interview with Indian Express he said ‘all I want to say that I am thankful to Allah that because of me Salman apologized to his brothers, dogs. That’s my comment to his infamous comment on the show. I’ll bring him down and will get him arrested. He should never underestimate power of a common man. I want to tell him in his own style – Hum tumpe itne PILs file karenge, kit um confuse ho jaoge ke shoot pe jayein ya court me. (I’ll file so many PILs against you that you will be torn between going to your shoot and courts)’.

Now the latest one to enter in this controversy is Salman’s bodyguard Shera. According to the reports a FIR has been lodged against him by a lady named Shabnam Sheikh. She has claimed that Shera has threatened her to settle the Zubair Khan case. In his defend Shera said he never talked to any lady named Shabnam Sheikh.

Here is a copy of FIR