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Nia Sharma’s Hilarious Take On Padmaavat Controversy Is So Perfect That We Utterly Agree

Nia Sharma Hilarious Take On Padmaavat Controversy Is So Perfect

The entire Bollywood Industry, as well as the audience, has never countersigned such controversy for any film that Padmaavat has gone through. People are frightened to head to the theatre in fear of getting beaten up. Since the announcement of the movie, Padmaavat is walled with unending controversies. The makers of the film even had to shift their release date to 25 January 2018 from 1 December 2017.

The controversy related to the film has created a huge buzz. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali got physically harassed while Deepika Padukone received several death threats. The entire Bollywood & TV Industry is supporting the film whereas people on Twitter have introduced several memes and jokes on it.

The entire Rajput community has joined hands to stop the release of the movie. However, Nia Sharma, one of the highly popular TV Actresses took a hilarious take on the controversy. Her avowal is so perfect that we utterly agree with her.

She said, “How does someone just Convince an entire community to start riots and protests while I can’t even convince my 3 friends to hang out with me… #RandomThoughts”.

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