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Look At Your Own Career Before Commenting On MS Dhoni, Asks Ravi Shastri To Critics

Coach Ravi Shastri applauds MS Dhoni

As a Captain MS Dhoni has guided the Indian Cricket Team for 10 Years and won all the three ICC Cups. He is the only Captain in the World who has won all three ICC tournaments. One the skilled Captain and one the Current proficient Captain, Indian Cricket Team is playing with two great Cricketers but no one realizes that. Recently at a T20 match against New Zealand, Dhoni failed to chase the mammoth score of 196 runs. Dhoni ended up making 49 off 37 which actually is good but at that time it was bad.

However that inning of Dhoni was criticized by many people. Some said he has lost that old form of him while some said he should retire while some said he is old now and he is blocking place for another young player.

On this Coach Ravi Shastri has come forward and said ‘those who are commenting on the two time world cup winner captain should look back at their own career. There is no one better than him be it behind the wicket and with the bat his presence of mind and sharpness is a big asset’.

On defending MS, Kapil Dev said that he doesn’t understand why everyone is behind him. Sachin was 38 when he won the world cup and nobody said anything at that time. This is not the right time to replace him even if he is out who will replace him.

Team India will begin 3 Test series against Sri Lanka from tomorrow followed by 3 ODI and 3 T20.