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Just: Shahrukh Khan Sends A Message To The Cancer Patient’s Kids After Their Mother Demise

Shahrukh Khan posted the emotional message on twitter

Bollywood Superstar Shahrukh Khan has set a good example of what a Gentleman is called. He respects his female co-stars. He has asked his sons to always respect a woman. He is very courteous with every female staff at his office. SRK has set a good paradigm of being a gentleman.

The biggest superstar of India is loved by every Indian. Recently a trend was started on Twitter where fans asked SRK to meet an old lady who was his big fan and who was fighting with cancer. Cancer patient named Aruna was a big fan of SRK and her family met the Actor to request him to meet Aruna. Later, Twitter users and SRK’s fan started new trend #SRKMeetsAruna requesting him to meet Aruna.

However he couldn’t do so due to some commitments but SRK recorded a video message and sent to Aruna. In the video SRK said that he himself, his family, his friends whoever knows her, we are praying for your wellness. You are in a state where meeting you is not possible. This is fact that you will get well soon and we will meet very soon’. SRK sent the video few days back.

Today Aruna has passed away and SRK has posted a message for her kids.