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Here’s what Kapil Sharma has to say on his scuffle with Sunil Grover

18th March 2017 must be renamed as Kapil Sharma’s day. First, he surprised everyone by introducing his girlfriend on twitter, later at the evening he amazed us through his scuffle with Sunil Grover. Last evening the rumors survived that Kapil Sharma assaulted Sunil Grover and abused him. As per the reports, Kapil and his team were on a flight, they were coming back to Mumbai from Delhi after an international show in Melbourne and Sydney. Kapil was wholly drunk and moved towards Sunil Grover and started assaulting and abusing him. Even Kapil offended Sunil saying “Tu hai kaun? Tera show flop gaya tha, tu mera naukar hai” (Who you are, you did a flop show, you are my servant). It was revealed that Sunil Grover who plays Dr Mashoor Gulati in The Kapil Sharma Show is planning to quit the show but no reports are confirmed yet.
Nevertheless Kapil Sharma has made some revelation on this controversy. The comedy king shed light on this and said there is nothing erroneous between him and Sunil. The fight a lot but they also share a loving bond. Kapil also quoted that Sunil is like his family member.