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Hardik Pandya: Me And My Brother Used To Travel In Local Train Without Ticket After Three Months We Won IPL And I Bought A New Car

Hardik Pandya you are an inspiration

Hardik Pandya is the biggest asset Indian Cricket Team has right now. The year 2017 was phenomenal for him as he made his maiden Test Century against Sri Lanka. He batted well against Pakistan in Champions Trophy Final and in the Australia series. He is phenomenal when he bats, he is marvelous when he fields and he is deadly when he bowls. Hardik is often referred as next Kapil Dev. But very less people know the struggle behind this awe-inspiring man.

Hardik comes from a middle class Gujarati family. While he is a great all rounder playing for India his younger brother Krunal Pandya is a great bowler who played for Mumbai Indians. This year MI won their third IPL title and it was Hardik’s second. Hardik began playing for MI from 2015 and luckily MI won that year and Hardik was given a cheque of 50 Lakh. Before receiving a cheque of 50 Lakh, Hardik’s life was totally different. In a conversation with Gaurav Kapoor for his web series Breakfast With Champions Hardik revealed his struggling life.

‘I have struggled for three years. Me and my brother used to visit some villages to play there and earn some money. We used to travel in local trains without tickets. We used to save money. We had no money to pay EMI of our car. We used to hide our car so that it shouldn’t go away. When I started playing for IPL, I got 70 thousand and we thought we can survive for few months” said Hardik.

“God is kind. I started playing for MI in IPL and luckily we won the 2015 season. I got 50 Lakh Cheque from which I cleared the EMI of my car and I even bought a new one. Three months ago we were struggling for money after three months I had 50 lakh in pocket”.

Now Hardik has several cars at his place in Baroda. Recently he gifted a luxury Jeep Compass SUV to his dad.