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Happy Birthday Shikhar Dhawan: Here’s A Stare At Gabbar’s Excellent Cricketing Career

Shikhar Dhawan turns 32

The Gabbar of Indian Cricket Team Shikhar Dhawan has turned 32 today. In case if you be in awe with his nick name you must identify that Shikhar is highly recognized as Gabbar since first stage of his career. He was randomly named Gabbar for delivering some dialogues from film ‘Sholay’. Since then everyone has started calling him by that name.

Shikhar Dhawan is one of the greatest Batsmen in India. He has an excellent cricket record and he is in his best form this year. He was top scorer in Champions Trophy 2017. He smashed his highest T20 Sore 80 off 52 balls against New Zealand in Delhi. He registered two ODI centuries against Sri Lanka, one in Champions Trophy and the other in series. He also registered two Test centuries against Sri Lanka in the series. Last year his team Sunrisers Hyderabad won the 2016 IPL.

Records made by Shikhar Dhawan

Fastest Debut Test Century: In 2013 against Australia, Shikhar Dhawan became fastest player to score a century in debut Test match. He took 85 deliveries and scored a magnificent 100.

Highest Debut Test Score for India: In the same match against Australia, Gabbar became highest debut Test scorer for India. He was 187 against Australia in 2013 in Mohali.

Fastest 3000 ODI Runs for India

India’s Top Scorer at Cricket World Cup 2015

Top Scorer at Champions Trophy 2015 & 2017

Only Player To Get Two Consecutive Golden Bats In Champion Trophy

Here’s Wishing Him A Very Happy Birthday


Coach Ravi Shastri Answers The Sudden Apprise On MS Dhoni’s Retirement

Coach Ravi Shastri Answers The Sudden Apprise On MS Dhoni’s Retirement

On 7 July 2018, MS Dhoni turned 37 and eyeing the age factor many individuals want him to retire from international cricket. But why a player has to call it to quit when he is similarly fit matching a 24 year aged young cricketer. Dhoni is a player born once in a century. He is one of the biggest Cricketers this universe has witnessed. But the same person is getting booed by the audience when he failed to win two matches.

After a terrific win in the first ODI, India lost the ODI series against host England. Besides Dhoni, even other players botched in front of bold England troupes but it has to be Mahi to be blamed for every loss.

He batted unhurriedly since he didn’t want to give away his wicket early and tried to build a partnership but plan didn’t work out.

After getting overpowered by England Team, MS Dhoni was caught taking the ball from the umpire and people started the rumors of his retirement announcement. Everyone thought that Dhoni took the ball as a gentle reminder of his last ODI match but Ravi Shastri answered the main reason behind his actions.

He told TOI, “MS wanted to show the ball to Bharat Arun. He wanted to show him the wear and tear the ball had endured, to get a general idea of what the conditions were like”.

On Dhoni’s retirement, he said “That’s rubbish. MS is not going anywhere. But right now, all this clamour is nonsense. He wanted to show the ball to Arun to just have a look at it after close to 45 overs had been bowled”.

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Virat Kohli Defends MS Dhoni: Delivers A Perky Speech In Favor Of The Former Captain

Virat Kohli Defends MS Dhoni Delivers A Perky Speech In Favor Of The Former Captain

Following a tranquil victory in the first ODI, India was beaten by England in the second ODI at Lords. India was chasing a competitive score of 324 runs and had a pleasing start till the 8th over. Afterward, the top order failed and MS Dhoni had to arrive for rescue. However, the legendary Cricket failed this time since wickets were falling down repetitively.

MS Dhoni’s gloomy inning of 37 off 59 balls came under the attack of heavy criticism. It was just a bad day as everyone failed at their respective job but it is MS Dhoni who is targeted again and again.

Virat Kohli Defends MS Dhoni Delivers A Perky Speech In Favor Of The Former Captain
When asked about Dhoni’s unhurried inning, Kohli said that people just wait for a chance to criticize him.

He said “It is unfortunate that people jump to conclusions quickly. When he does well, people call him best finisher ever, when things don’t go well, people pounce on him. Today was a bad day for all of us, not just him. He is an experienced player and the idea was to take it deep. You don’t want to lose by 150-160 runs”.

Team India will play the final and decider ODI on 17 and a five-match test series against the host.

While playing the second ODI against England, MS Dhoni completed his 10,000 ODI runs and 300 Catches in the format.

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Kuldeep Yadav Narrates An Incident When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On Him

Kuldeep Yadav Narrates An Incident When MS Dhoni Lost His Cool On Him

MS Dhoni is the name every Indian is proud of. The Captain Cool has fulfilled the dream of millions by handing over us the trophy of ICC T20 World Cup, ICC World Cup, and ICC Champions Trophy. Thala MS has also won three seasons of IPL for his team Chennai Super Kings.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is exceedingly notorious for keeping calm nature in challenging situations. Many a time his calm nature has assisted the team to win unmanageable games. He is undoubtedly an inspiration to all of us. But one-time he keeps losing his cool but he never braggart it. The recent incident is when MS Dhoni rebuked Manish Pandey during the second T20 against South Africa.

Now the star bowler Kuldeep Yadav has narrated an incident when Dhoni almost lost his cool on him. Kuldeep Yadav in a conversation with Vikram Sathaye on his popular chat show “What The Duck” revealed a fascinating story.

“The incident took place when Rohit Sharma slammed joint fastest T20 century off just 35 balls against Sri Lanka in Indore. Indian posted a mammoth score of 260 which was definitely not a hunting score. Still, the Sri Lankan team got off to an impressive start and Kuldeep Yadav was slammed for sixes and fours in his particular overs.

MS Dhoni personally recommended him (Kuldeep Yadav) some changes in the field but Kuldeep was not sure. That was when MS Dhoni yelled at him and said “Main Kya Paagal ho Jo 300 One Day (ODI) khela ho” (Do I look like a fool? I’ve played 300 ODI games)”.

Following the suggestion from MS Dhoni, Kuldeep Yadav changed the field and got the wicket. Bowlers Kuldeep Yadav and Yuzvendra Chahal lauded MS Dhoni for his exceptional skills on the field. They also said MS Dhoni does the 50% work of a bowler and he can be the best coach.

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