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Birthday Special: 15 Pictures Of Bani J Which Proves She Is Beautiful Yet A Badass Girl

Bani J turns 30 today

The most illustrious and admired contestant of Bigg Boss 10, Bani J has turned 30 today. The Tattoo and Gym Enthusiast has transpired to be a huge motivation for many girls across the world.

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⚡️ Thinking bout chu

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Her real name is Gurbani Judge but she is highly acknowledged as her stage name Bani J.

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Lift life. Glute bridge bench press. ___________________________ Playing what feels like major catch up with time, which really is a joke because there’s no catching up with time, ever. You ever feel like that? Like you’re just running from one thing to another and everything’s just barely in your grasp? Definitely not enough hours in a day. Times like this, work, headache, too long gaps between meals, hours spent getting traffucked, lead to major clarity for me. I prioritise the things that really matter then. Filter out the bullshit. Get the food in when I can, hit the numbers, show up to lift even though I can’t fathom lifting sh*t, play with patch and ofcourse, don’t forget to call Mom. I like that about life. I miss the stillness but rushing constantly makes me nostalgic af for it. Head above water. Some days you ride the wave 🌊, others you get caught in the tide. We’ll all float on, okay 🤙🏼💙 #tothestillness #prioritise #headabovewater #hightide #floaton #liftlife #theconsistency 📷 by @roephotography 🙏🏼

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I'm not always flexing. Its good to stay soft, especially on the inside. I Shape my World. _______________________________ #ishapemyworld #liveinLevis @levis_in ______________________________ It's funny how when we go through difficult/ challenging times in life people always say it's supposed to 'harden' and 'toughen' us up. It's funny because I've done the whole 'grow a thicker layer of skin to deal with these industry folk etc', but over time (and many many repeat lessons) I realized I learn a lot more by staying soft- in those 'hard/ difficult/ challenging' times. It doesn't mean you just sit there and take it and cry yourself a river and then waddle through it – no, it means you learn from it, grow through it and hopefully don't let it take the joy from going through something similar later. You get better at recognising it for what it is, chaos outside of yourself; and don't let it affect your (inner) Joy, your peace. I hope that made sense, I tried 🙂 ❤️🤙🏼

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She is highly admired by her fans for her assurance towards her fitness. The pretty VJ participated in the 10th season of Bigg Boss 10 and ended up as 1st runner up. She gained an exceptional fan following with the show.

Early in 2017, rumors were surrounding that Bani is finalized for a lead role in Sony TV’s Porus but nothing is confirmed by her yet.

Bani has been part of many reality shows such as Bigg Boss, Khatron Ke Khiladi, MTV Roadies and many more. She is ambassador of a fitness app.

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Unlearn the meaning of words, of language. Used so conventionally placing all these restrictions we don't even realise upon ourselves and our fellow captors/ suppressors/ label users/ word throwers. Be beyond a word. A definition. A label, a standard. 'Their' 'things' and 'their' 'isms'. Yours included. Try it, to just Be. Without words. I don't see my face sometimes. I don't see my body sometimes. Yuv told me an amazing story about how Bruce Lee refers to them as our containers. To be Contained but not contain. Discover what life is really about. Go, Be. #easiersaidthandone #butIsaidit #nowgoBeit #synchronicity #foreveruncensored #onanotherlevel #wavelength #homeworkforthesoul #enoughselfietime #nowsoultime

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Here’s wishing a very happy birthday to Youth Role Model.


Vicky Kaushal Fractures Cheekbone Shooting An Action Sequence

Actor Vicky Kaushal has naively injured his cheekbone. Vicky was shooting an action sequence where he met with an accident.

Vicky Kaushal Fractures Cheekbone Shooting An Action Sequence.

During a night shoot on Thursday, Vicky was filming an action sequence in a ship. The URI Actor got injured as a door fell on him. He had to run and open to door according to the scene.

The Actor was briskly rushed to the hospital and he has flown back to Mumbai. Vicky Kaushal has got 13 stitches on his cheek.

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Virat Kohli’s Respect Towards MS Dhoni Is Of Next Level, Read His Statement On Captain Cool Playing World Cup

Virat Kohli and MS Dhoni share tremendous mutual respect and love for each other. And that is constantly seen on the field during their exquisite bond. They both have played a big role for Team India’s modern marvelous success. The 2011 World Cup winning skipper is all set to play in 2019 World Cup under Virat Kohli. Despite all the criticism and debate, MS Dhoni is India’s No.1 wicketkeeper choice in World Cup. No wonder he has earned that with some big knocks in 2019.

MS is a prominent figure on the field. His know-how and idea of learning the game are remarkable. He is often seen assisting Virat and bowlers with various thoughts against the attacking team and that is what a leader does.

In an exclusive interview with India Today, Kohli spoke on MS Dhoni’s big role and his respect for the big man.

“MS Dhoni is one person who knows the game inside out, who understands the game from ball 1 to ball 300 on the field. “I won’t say it is a luxury to have him but I am fortunate to have a mind like that from behind the stumps. At the end of the day, I want to be involved in strategy with the team management with Mahi bhai and Rohit (Sharma).”

“After 30-35 overs, he knows that I will be in the outfield and its on auto mode. Its just about the field placements and bowling changes and we say you know the angles, you know the pace of the pitch and that’s why there is so much trust and respect between the two of us. It’s unfortunate to see so many people going after him.”

Virat Kohli Defends MS Dhoni Delivers A Perky Speech In Favor Of The Former Captain

Kohli made his international debut under MS Dhoni where the former captain gave him his time to learn the game.

“When I walked into the team, he had the chance of trying someone else after a few games. Although I did grab my opportunities really early, he gave me the opportunity to understand my game and take the time required. So for me those things are very important because I know the kind of phase I was going through. And if he’s going through a phase where he has to work things out, he deserves that respect. It’s not like I gave it to him.”

Kohli added, “You look at what he has done for India, no one can give him that space. He deserves it. So we were just doing our bit to tell people to think in the same manner. It’s not like we are giving him something, he deserves it. And he’s intelligent enough to know what’s going on in his game and in his cricket.”

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Bharat New Poster: Salman Khan Is In Awestruck Of Katrina Kaif

The ostentatious unveiling of Bharat trailer is scheduled on 24 April. The movie stars Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in lead roles. Salman Khan has by now raised the curiosity by sharing a couple of posters.

From a 70-year-old man to a 20-year-old young artist, Salman will be seen in five different looks spanning different decades. The movie is set in the backdrop of India – Pakistan partition.

Bharat New Poster Salman Khan Is In Awestruck Of Katrina Kaif (2)

The latest poster illustrates Salman Khan as miner while Katrina Kaif is outfitted as his superior commander. Bharat is certainly the biggest Hindi release of 2019. There is a reason for it.

Bharat New Poster Salman Khan Is In Awestruck Of Katrina Kaif (1)

Bharat is helmed by Ali Abbas Zafar, director of two previous blockbuster movies Sultan and Tiger Zinda Hai. Ali has a 100% success record with Salman. Also, he has the bent of presenting Salman vividly among a mass audience.

Bharat is set to release on 5 June. Its trailer will be attached with Avengers: Endgame. The movie also stars Disha Patani, Sunil Grover, Jackie Shroff, Tabu and Nora Fatehi among others.

Salman Khan Has Just Shared The First Look Of Bharat And It Is Damn Fascinating

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