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Bigg Boss Fans Are Praising Salman Khan For His Last Few Words On Hiten Tejwani, Read It Below

Salman Khan had a lot to say about Hiten

One of the biggest TV and Film Celebrity Hiten Tejwani entered the Bigg Boss 11 house like a marvel. Even being on such a big place he was never seen bigheaded and stayed humble. Sadly he has been eliminated from Bigg Boss 11, thanks to Shilpa Shinde. Shilpa had an opportunity to save Hiten but as a substitute she saved Priyank Sharma who affronted her in the show. However the host Salman Khan said a lot about the ex-contestant.

Salman has hosted multiple seasons of Bigg Boss but not in a single season he was seen upset with someone’s removal. Also he said a lot of good things about Hiten which made us induce that Hiten has not only won our hearts but also he succeeded winning Salman’s heart.

Salman said “This is very unfortunate that you eliminated. Hiten you are a dignified, understanding and calm guy and everyone in the house is sacred of you. You have managed to make at the spot where you could have been a finalist and no one wanted that. Housemates got a chance to remove you and they did it. They saved Priyank as they knew you are stronger and it’s the exact moment to remove you. On this Hiten said “Bigg Boss is not for genuine people. I needed to act offensive to survive in the show”.

Salman said “Hiten be the way you are. This is right. They will win the show being offensive but they will fail in the actual life. They won’t get any benefit being cruel. Everyone was insecure of you. Vikas, Puneesh, Arshi and Shilpa highly praised you but supported just three. Anyway, it was pleasure to have you. And we needed a sensible and mature guy like you and everyone is scared of these kinds of people. You have already won everyone’s heart and you have already succeeded in your life”.