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Bigg Boss 11: Watch The Biggest Wresting Fight Of The Year As Arshi Khan Punches Hina Khan And She Gives Back To Her

Arshi and Hina will compete with each other in Bigg Boss 11

Every week host Salman Khan brings Sultani Akkada in Bigg Boss where he calls two of the housemate to have a wrestling match. This week, Arshi Khan had a big brawl with Hina Khan and pertaining to the same opportunity, Salman Khan will give them a chance to burst their anger. Salman Khan will call Hina and Arshi at Sultani Akkada but things will go out of the blue as Arshi will cross all the limits.

Arshi Khan will intentionally punch Hina and the TV star will not hold it and she will give it back to her. However Salman will cancel the task without declaring the winner as both got psychical.

Arshi and Hina’s fight started when Bigg Boss surprised housemate with Diwali sweets. Arshi who was in jail along with Vikas and Jyoti tried to steal the sweets but her plan went horribly wrong as Bigg Boss screamed on them for breaking the jail and suddenly Vikas dropped the box of sweets. Definitely the housemates were angry and they shouted on Arshi but she was not ready to acknowledge her mistake and abused Hina. She also spitted on her which is disgustingly wrong.