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Bigg Boss 11: Male Contestants Turn ‘Sevaks’, Arshi Khan Makes Hiten Tejwani Go Shirtless

Arshi Khan ordered Hiten and Vikas to swim with her in Bigg Boss 11

Just before the burden of nomination Bigg Boss has introduced a new chore where Male contestants turn Sevaks for female contestants. Hiten and Vikas are Sevak for Arshi, Priyank and Aakash for Shilpa, Puneesh and Luv for Hina. No wonder the female contestants will get benefit from it but we wonder what the intention behind this task is.

Hiten Tejwani and Vikas Gupta for Arshi Khan

Arshi Khan who always tries to get Hiten’s interest will make him to apply lotion on her legs. She will make Vikas to clean her nails and later she will ask them to join her over a swimming session. And definitely she convinces Hiten to go shirtless.

Puneesh Sharma and Luv Tyagi for Hina Khan

Hina Khan will have some weird demands as she will make Luv and Puneesh to wear Saree and do make up.

Priyank Sharma and Aakash Dadlani for Shilpa Shinde

The kitchen Queen Shilpa Shinde is the most deserving one who will get befit from it. She will make the both boys to clean the entire kitchen area and help her over lunch and all.