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Bigg Boss 11: Luv Tyagi Survives Again, We Genuinely Feel How Lucky Is This Man

Luv what was the time when you entered Bigg Boss 11

Following the uneasiness thesis this year the Bigg Boss 11 makers introduced a new panel called ‘Padosi’. Padosi had 4 common contestants who were specified with some exceptional authorities but regrettably all of them botched to stand for themselves and one by one all and sundry got eliminated apart from Luv Tyagi.

Luv Tyagi is one of the luckiest contestant Bigg Boss can ever have. He has continued to exist in the 10th week too. For first few weeks, Luv was least active in the show and enthusiasm for the game was lost in him. Whenever he was nominated he got safe and some other person left the show. Finally he has succeeded representing himself but he expected his way out in the recent elimination.

He was nominated beside Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma. Puneesh and Bandgi represented themselves successfully and earned some recognition and they were self-assured that Luv will leave the show. But the audience brought a major change and Luv received maximum votes.

Bandgi Kalra got evicted last night and the reaction of Luv getting save was priceless. Even Salman said that Luv has received maximum chances to stay in the game.

With Bandgi’s unexpected exit we might see a new conduct in Puneesh. He might be more treacherous and untamed.