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Bigg Boss 11: Do You Know Bandgi Kalra Was Offered A Condom Ad And Here’s How She Reacted

Bandgi Kalra and Puneesh Sharma are faking to stay as much as possible in Bigg Boss 11 house

Participants Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra entered Bigg Boss 11 house individually but they had a surreptitious plan. Both the commoners had known each other ahead of confronting in Bigg Boss and they made a plan to build a bogus love story between them. However the two intelligent people were caught red-handed when their common friends shared the story between them.

Puneesh Sharma is a Delhi based Party Animal whereas Bandgi is a model and a software engineer. Bandgi already had many contacts in entertainment industry and no wonder she would have said yes to any ad but unfortunately she declined the offer when a condom ad was approached to her. She rejected the offer concerning about her distinction but now whenever she is seen with Puneesh a ticker condom ad is shown.

Puneesh and Bandgi are continuing a fake love story amid them so that they can receive attention to exist inside the house. The couple is often seen sleeping together and getting cozy when no one is around. To the same host Salman Khan warned them that it’s a family show and even their parents are watching this. If they do the same in real life in front of their family then it’s ok.