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Bigg Boss 11: Karan Patel Takes A Dig At Hina Khan For Her Sickening Behavior

Karan Patel is totally miffed up with Bigg Boss 11 housemate Hina Khan

Hina Khan, the highly famed TV Actress who ruled over the TV Industry for 8 years is having a dreadful period inside the Bigg Boss 11 house. It looks like she haven’t recognize the game strategy yet or she feel she is playing correct. But audience and her fellow TV Artists aren’t pleased with her. Highly famed TV Actor Karan Patel took a dig at Hina Khan for her sickening behavior in the last episode.

The emphasize of the last episode was when Hina Khan, Sapna Chowdhary, Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma were enjoying seeing Aakash’s exchanging blows with Puneesh and Shilpa. Shilpa Shinde has previously betrayed Aakash twice when he was nearly close to win the captaincy task. In the last episode, Aakash’s best friend Puneesh betrayed him.

Aakash had asked Puneesh to ruin Hiten’s picture and vote for him but he refused to do so. Later Hina ruined Aakash’s picture and he was out of the captaincy task thus Hiten became captain.

Wounded Aakash had traumatized everyone with his actions but Hina was seen saying ‘Thankyou God we are enjoying this’. A frustrated Karan Patel in his tweet said ‘Woh jo mohotarma hai #BigBoss11 ke ghar mein jo baat baat mein #ThankYouGod aalaapti hai, jo aaj hajaam bani hai, koi unse pls pooch ke bataye ki #YehGhatiyapanKyaKehlataHai . #KitnaGandaKhelKhelogiMadam #Sick #Sadistic #Disgrace .. #BholiSuratGandiNeeyat ..! #FakeToTheSoul .’