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Bigg Boss 11: Housemates Are Shaken With Dhinkchak Pooja Entry

Dhinkchak Pooja entered Bigg Boss 11 as first wildcard entry

Just before releasing her illustrious song ‘Selfie Mein Ne Leli Aaj’, Dhinkchak Pooja would have never taught of becoming a celebrity due to her song. Pooja’s song such as Swag Wali Topi, Selfie Mein Ne Leli Aaj and Scooter were viral on social sites which made her an overnight Internet Sensation. As a result she got an offer from Bigg Boss to enter the house as first wildcard entry of Season 11.

Last night, Dhinkchak Pooja was welcomed by Salman Khan who was totally shocked to see her. However later she made an entry in the house and the housemates were shaken.

Before her entrance, a scooter was placed in garden area and housemates taught it’s regarding a task. Later the much famous Scooter song was played and Bandgi was the first one to guess that Dhinkchak Pooja is coming. Believe us, housemates were totally shaken with her entry and Hina Khan had the best reaction.

Hina Khan didn’t meet her but her reaction was worth watching. She was in a deep shock that Dhinkchak Pooja has entered and asked Bigg Boss looking at the camera ‘What’s going on’.