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Bigg Boss 11: Hiten Tejwani Lashes Out At Luv Tyagi Shows Him ‘Never Mess With A Sleeping Lion’

For the first time he lost his calm and bashed his fellow Bigg Boss contestant

Veteran TV Actor Hiten Tejwani stunned everyone with his entrance in Salman Khan’s Bigg Boss 11. Hiten is a kind guy with calm nature and even Salman Khan praised him for being so peaceful in such situations inside the house. His fans and Bigg Boss admirers love him for his traits and favor him as one of the strongest contestant of the season. However the gentle guy has lost his calm to show someone that ‘Never Mess with a Sleeping Lion’.

So to preserve themselves Team Arshi members Arshi Khan, Luv Tyagi, Hina Khan and Aakash Dadlani misplaced Hiten and Puneesh’s personal stuff such as Trimmer and razors so that they cannot make the most of them in the task. In the previous episode we saw how Luv and Aakash used trimmer to torture Puneesh. Now in the same apprehension Luv had misplaced Hiten’s personal belongings.

A calm Hiten learned the entire scene and lashed out at Luv. He also pushed him and warned never ever again try to touch his personal things. A poor frightened Luv Tyagi and his team members were shocked to see Hiten’s sudden avatar. And yes, definitely we are loving this Angry Young Man Avatar of Hiten Tejwani.