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Bigg Boss 11: Hina Khan Disrespects Hiten Tejwani For Helping His Friend Vikas Gupta In The Captaincy Race

Hina Khan loses her cool at Hiten and Vikas

Bigg Boss 11 has initiated the Daycare captaincy task and in the last episode Hiten Tejwani, Aakash Dadlani, Puneesh Sharma and Shilpa Shinde where out from the race. Today Hina Khan with the help of Priyank and Luv will plot to win the captaincy task whereas the mastermind of house Vikas Gupta will make his strategy to ruin Hina’s chances.

Vikas will convince Hiten to devastate Hina and help him to make Arshi Khan the Captain of the house. As follows Hiten will definitely help Vikas as in future Arshi will help him in nomination not Hina Khan. Hiten and Vikas will not let Hina be a contender which will irk her.

Hina loses her cool at Hiten and disrespects him. She also consists of Gauri’s line for Hiten that ‘Don’t be a follower, be a Leader’.

However Vikas will give back at Hina that’s it’s their game and even she is free to play game and make strategies.

At end it’s Arshi Khan who comes out as the new Captain. Was Hiten right or Hina was insecure? Do share your thoughts in the comments section.