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Bigg Boss 11: Watch This Hilarious Unseen Footage Of Arshi Khan And Hiten Tejwani When Deepika Padukone Visited

Arshi Khan is such an entertainer when it comes to flirting with Hiten

The Bigg Boss 11 is all about line of attack and exchanging blows but if we see there are two great entertainers who are making the show worth to watch. First is Aakash Dadlani who is disobedience but a great entertainer. He is definitely making our nighttime fun. And yes the second is Arshi Khan whose healthy flirting with Hiten is what audience likes.

Arshi realizes that Hiten is wedded and father of two kids but in a mature and healthy way she flirts with him and the shy gentleman request her to leave him alone. Even Salman has said that it all looks cute and audience loves their epic chemistry.

In the recent Sunday episode, Deepika Padukone visited the Bigg Boss 11 house for the promotions of Padmavati. She gave a task to Hiten to propose Arshi Khan. Unquestionably that was a tough duty for him but a good prospect for Arshi.

Hiten said ‘Hum ek bar jeete hai ek baar marte hai aur ek baar shadi karte hai’. To which Arshi replied ‘Hum 4 baar shadi karte hai’.

We wonder why this hilarious footage was not run. Here is the video