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Bigg Boss 11: Fearless Arshi Khan Calls Salman Khan Unfair Towards Shilpa Shinde

Arshi defends herself saying Salman never observe any mistake in Shilpa

We all loved the family task introduced by Bigg Boss 11. Family members and friends of BB 11 contenders visited the house and every single visitor cherished housemates. However but Arshi’s conduct towards Shilpa’s mother was not at all defensible. We saw how she overlooked her mother and spoke badly about Shilpa in front of her. It was only Arshi who behaved roughly in the family task and we knew host Salman Khan will not let her go easily. In the promo, Salman Khan asked Arshi about her behavior with Shilpa and her mom to which she blamed the host himself for being biased towards Shilpa.

When Arshi’s father visited the Bigg Boss house contestants were in freeze mode and no one was allowed to talk to him. Bigg Boss released Arshi for a while to meet her father but all of sudden after her dad disappeared, Arshi blamed Shilpa for being disrespectful towards him. Everyone including Shilpa was shocked with Arshi’s view and when Shilpa’s mother visited, Arshi showed her frustration and ignored her mother.

We think Salman was right to question Arshi but we are completely shocked the way Arshi called him unfair. A lot will be seen in today’s Weekend Ka Vaar.