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Bigg Boss 11: Family Members And Friends Of BB 11 Contestant Will Enter The House

Get ready for an explosive episode

The 11th spell of Bigg Boss is doing well at the TRP charts. The makers have succeeded producing a booming season and all the appreciation goes to BB 11 contestants who are working hard assembling strategies and putting their rivalry down. Makers are on development to initiate a family task where few family members or friends of some contestant will visit the house.

From what we hear is that Vikas Gupta’s brother Sidharth Gupta will enter the house. Sidharth is in the same industry working as a Model/Actor. He is in the same crowd and he might come and clear all the mix-up between Vikas and Priyank.

Also Priyank’s girlfriend Divya Aggarwal who is in news since a long time might enter the house. Divya has apparently parted away with Priyank due to his closeness with Benafsha. But Benafsha cleared the rumors and called Priyank his good friend. Divya might enter the house and we wish she clear her worries related to him.

Hiten’s wife Gauri Pradhan who is a renowned Actress will enter the house. From Shilpa’s family her brother might enter the house. But nothing is confirmed about the very famed Rocky Jaiswal who is news in a favor of Hina Khan.