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Bigg Boss 11 Contestant Arshi Khan Reveals A Horrifying Incident Happened With Her

Arshi Khan reveals that her boyfriend slapped her in front of several people

We wonder how Bigg Boss finds such inimitable and beyond compare contestants for every season. Last season they had got Swami Om and on this season they have various kinds of characters. Aakash Dadlani is one of them. They also have Arshi Khan who has grown to be one of the strongest contenders of this season. She might take fights or provoke everyone but you can’t deny she is the most entertaining one. And especially her epic chemistry with Hiten Tejwani is what viewers expect. But there is a lot of soreness behind the entertaining character.

In a conversation with Shilpa Shinde who is currently her good friend Arshi Khan had revealed a horrendous thing happened with her. Arshi revealed that in Bhopal she was working at a physiotherapy lab in a hospital. And her boyfriend was so insecure of her that he used to keep an eye on her every single day. He used to wait outside of the hospital and even in rains. One day she was coming back from hospital and she was all sweaty because there were no air conditioners in hospital. And when her boyfriend saw her in that situation and he slapped her hard and said you slept with someone in hospital. Later she broke with him.

We hope she continue doing well in the show without hurting anyone emotions and not picking up random fights.