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Bigg Boss 11: Aakash Dadlani Refuses To Follow Salman Khan And An Angry Host Walks Out Of The Sets

what made Salman Khan to walk out from Bigg Boss 11

When the focus is on captaincy task, the Bigg Boss 11 housemates can cross all the limits. Aakash Dadlani who is eagerly waiting for an ability to turn out to be a Captain always falls short in the captaincy task. He left no stone unturned to win the captaincy task but like always his friends betrayed him at the last moment.

Shilpa Shinde has betrayed Aakash twice when he was almost near to win a captaincy task. In the recent captaincy task his best friend Puneesh betrayed him and a hurt Aakash has traumatized everyone with his deeds.

Hiten Tejwani, Aakash Dadlani, Shilpa Shinde, Vikas Gupta and Arshi Khan were the contenders for the captaincy task. And one at a time any housemate except contender can come and ruin placed picture of any contender. Luv ruined Vikas’s picture, Priyank ruined Arshi’s picture and at the last the three contenders were Aakash, Shilpa and Hiten. Aakash asked Puneesh to ruin Hiten’s picture but he refused to do so. Later Hina ruined Aakash’s picture and he was out of the task. Hiten became captain.

A wounded Aakash traumatized everyone with his actions which has come as a big shock for Salman Khan. While shooting the Weekend Ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan called Aakash and Puneesh at Sultani Akadha and requested Aakash to move one and let off Puneesh. But Aakash refused to follow Salman Khan and at after making several attempts an angry Salman left the Bigg Boss sets.